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Brand My Message™ has been delivering exceptional service to businesses of all sizes since 2010!  We take great pride in providing the highest quality interactive branding products for ANY type of business, from small to large, custom design product solutions.

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There's something for everyone! Our interactive branding products are designed to benefit marketing and sales teams in multiple industries that "touch the public" - including: financial services, pharmaceutical sales, consulting firms, real estate, insurance, healthcare, and more!
Brand My Message™ saves YOU money in customer retention. Customer recall rates are higher with interactive branding products than with ordinary or "non-branded" messages.
We do all the work! Your corporate marketing team can rest assured knowing we specialize in product rollout to your sales teams. Through all the phases of custom product design: creating of your unique branded signature message, installation, and ongoing customer support...we are here for you!
The continuous innovations to our email signature branding products guarantee that your business will always have access to the latest and greatest in branding interactive media platforms.
Experience dozens of marketing features on Brand My Message™ Products that you never knew were possible with email signature branding!
Brand My Message™ pays it forward!  1% of our yearly profits are given to local charities.  We also offer special fundraising programs for nonprofit organizations.
It's 2015! - Your emails and other interactive media sales tools should be fully integrated with your internet-based marketing materials.
Brand My Message™ is committed to our Exceptional Service Guarantee™ at all levels of our company and at every point of contact with your company.
Our email signature branding products are easy to order! Your order is processed in minutes, getting you on your way to having powerful email-branded eStationery™ - with the ease of our Exceptional Service Guarantee™!
And the #1 reason why EVERYONE is choosing Brand My Message™ for their branding interactive media products...
The one-time purchase cost and no monthly or yearly subscription contracts or fees! Our customers know exactly what they're paying for.  You can change or upgrade whenever you choose, hassle-free!
With minimal upfront costs and affordable branding product prices, America's best companies use Brand My Message™...


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